Glass Capsule Anchors

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Glass Capsule Anchors & the Environment

Because the total volume of these Glass Capsules is engineered to completely fill the Anchor Bore Hole, absolutely NO CHEMICAL or PLASTIC Waste
remains after Installation. All that is left is a cardboard box ready to be recycled.


“built-in” Safety

1. VolumeControl Factory Premeasured Components guarantee the correct composition and volume of capsule components. After installation of the rod, the overflow of anchor components provides visual confirmation of a 100% filled hole

2. ResinCheck The transparant glass capsule allows the installer to check the quality of the resin. Usability is given when the resin runs easily inside the capsule at lukewarm temperature.

3. UltraClean During the installation of the anchor rod the quartz and glass components of the capsule scrape the wall of the pre-drilled hole, removing any drill dust. This additional Cleaning function results in an excellent adhesion between the Anchor Rod and surrouding Concrete.