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B+BTec offers the structural engineer several tools for calculating structural anchors and post-installed rebar. In addition to the extensive, free downloadable documentation package and the equally free DesignFix Anchor Calculation Software, you can also have your calculations performed by B+BTec.



Anchor Documentation

Under the Technical Documentation section you will find extensive documentation for calculating and documenting anchorages with B+BTec glass capsule anchors or Injection Systems. Choose from ETAs, Technical Data Sheets and various test reports.


DesignFix Calculation Software

With DesignFix, B+BTec offers the structural engineer an easy-to-use and free to download tool for the calculation of structural anchors and post-installed rebar.


Calculation Service

Of course, you can also outsource the calculation of your anchoring to B+BTec. Based on the loads you specify and other relevant data, B+BTec will make recommendations regarding the anchor type(s) and dimensions to be used.

To do so, call +31 168 - 331 240 or use the form below.

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