VD-I Facade

Anchoring System for the Renovation of Granite, Marble,
Ceramic or Concrete Facades.

  • Installation without removal of the Facade Slabs
  • Virtually Invisible Installation

The VD-I-Facade is a unique anchor for Facade Renovation without removing the facade slabs.

Renovation of facades may become necessary because deterioration of the original anchors. (typically specified in zinc coated carbon steel.) The final design of the anchor depends on the following criteria:

  • Number of Anchors per Facade Slab
  • Slab Dimensions and Weight
  • Load per Anchor
  • Slab Thickness
  • Slab Material – Granite, Marble, Ceramic or Concrete.

The Engineering Division of B+BTec will design the final dimensions of the VD-I-Facade anchor based on above criteria and an analysis of the existing situation.

The uniqueness of the Installation of a VD-I-Facade renovation anchor is its capability to install the anchor without removing the facade slabs in combination with the coverage with the original material (Granite, Marble etc.) of the anchor.

Because the facade anchors are covered with the original slab material, the installation is virtually invisible.


1. Existing anchor showing corrosion and deformation.

2. Diamond core drilling of the hole Ø60 mm through the facade panel.

3. The travertine cores are saved and labeled to serve as a covers for the anchor head.


4. Diamond core drilling of the anchor hole Ø35 x 120 mm in the concrete structure.

5. Installation of the VD-I Internally Threaded Socket.

6. Load Testing of the installed anchor.


7. Installation of the anchor head

8. Number of anchors per Facade Panel depends upon the weight and position of the panel.

9. Injection of the anchor head


10. The injection mortar is left to cure

11. After the anchor has cured, the travertine core is placed in the hole covering the anchor , making the installation virtually invisible.


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