BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy

BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy
  • BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy
  • BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy

EXTREME Loads + Diamond Drilled Holes

BIS-PE GEN3 is a new  ETA option 1 assessed Pure-Epoxy Injection Adhesive for EXTREME LOADS. BIS-PE GEN3 is suitable for both Threaded Rod, Rebar and Anchor Sleeves in cracked and non-cracked concrete.


  • For the use with Hammer, Diamond and Hollow Drill Bits.
  • No Cleaning required for Hollow Drill Bits.
  • For Dry, Wet and Flooded Boreholes.
  • Suited for the Installation of Threaded Rods, Rebar and Anchor Sleeves in Cracked and Non-Cracked Concrete.
  • C1 and C2 Seismic Assessment.
  • Significantly Higher Loads, certainly at higher temperatures.
  • Slow Curing, Ideal for Rebar Doweling at greater embedment depths.
  • Low VOC: A+ Rating.
  • F120 Fire Test Report.
  • Leed Certificate.
Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.220.589BIS-PE GEN3 585 ml871434521069812
3.221.403BIS-PE GEN3 1400 ml87143452106675
3.200.004BIS-PE Mixer8714345148908100




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BIS-PE Pure Epoxy 3:1 at B+BTec

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