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Productive Core Drilling Rig

New Karat® core drilling rigs for ultra fast and precise drilling in reinforced concrete. Compact & lightweight. Designed for core drilling professionals.

Modular Design

The Modular System Design of the new Karat® core drilling machines gives the customer complete freedom to configure his own drilling rig. Also it allows for the easy exchange of drill motors, stands and accessories on the job-site.

Quality Engineering

The new Karat® diamond core drilling rigs come with countless quality features to improve drilling performance, machine life & operator comfort. Features include a LED motor load monitoring system, a usb data retrieval option for operating hours and motor loading, protective brackets around the motor housing that double as handles, wheels for easy transportation. The list goes on and on...


What's in the Box

  • Karat® 300 Core Drilling Unit
  • GFCI Switch
  • Quick Release Slide
  • Waterflow Indicator
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Anchoring Assembly (Centerpen)
  • Adapter for ½" Bits
  • Tool Set
  • Operating Manual

Karat® 300
Part Nr.: 2.000.301
EAN: 8714345151861

Technical Specifications    
Bit Range Optimal: Ø25 - 250 mm
  Maximal: Ø25 - 300 mm
Diamond Core Bits HiSpeed Crown Bits | HiSpeed Segmented Bits  
  Standard Bit Lengths: 300 - 400 mm
  Max. Bit Length on Drill Stand: 580 mm
Gear Selection Speed 1: Ø120 - 300 mm
  Speed 2: Ø60 - 150 mm
  Speed 3: Ø25 - 80 mm
Motor* Power: 2.400 W
  Voltage: 230 V
  Frequency: 50 Hz
  Spindle Threading: ½" (adapter) - 1¼"
  Gearing: 3-Speed
  No Load Speed 450 - 900 - 1600 rpm
Dimensions & Weight Dimensions L x W x H: 670 x 280 x 880 mm
  Total Weight: 29,8 kg
  Weight Motor + Slide: 15,9 kg
  Weight Drill Stand Large:   13,9 kg
Safety Features RGB LED Motor Overload Indicator | Pulse™ Electronic Motor Protection System |
  Electronic Safety Clutch | GFCI Switch | Waterflow Indicator
  * Other voltages and frequencies available upon request.  
  Karat® AutoSpeed™

Automatic Downfeed unit for Karat® 300 Core Drilling Rigs.
  • For blind and conduit holes
  • Bit Capacity: Ø8 mm to Ø300 mm
  • Blind holes with depth input up to 2000 mm
  • Continuous optimal downfeed speed due to intelligent processor
  • Auto touch and start function
  • Auto shut down and retract after reaching set depth or going through
  • In case of lock up of bit: auto stop, partial retrack and auto restart.

Part Nr. Description EAN Qty/Box
2.000.237 Karat® AutoSpeed 8714345196923 1


HiSpeed Core Bits

The introduction of the new HiSpeed crown & segmented diamond bits marks
our biggest advance in drilling performance, with drilling speeds more than
doubling and often even tripling when compared to the first generation bits.
The HiSpeed bits have been especially designed for high strength & heavily
reinforced concrete


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