Expansion Joints A1 Deventer (NL)

Expansion Joints form the weak link in the Road, Bridge, Fly-Over Infrastucture.

The project

Constant vibratory loading caused by ongoing traffic and alternating weather/temperature conditions limit the lifespan of the Expansian Joints and necessitate replacement in due time. Due to its fast and clean drilling characteristics, the new FlushSpeed® wet hammer drilling system is rapidly becoming the go-to system to drill the anchor holes in the often heavily reinforced conrete surrounding the expansion joints


October 2019


FlushSpeed PRO                BIS Injection adhesives 

Expansion Joints A1 Deventer (NL)
Expansion Joints A1 Deventer (NL)
Expansion Joints A1 Deventer (NL)

Project Data

  • Rebar Dimensions: Ø12 mm
  • Bore Hole Diameter: 16 mm
  • Embedment Depth: 200 mm
  • Drilling System: FlushSpeed® PRO
  • Drilling Method: Hammer, wet

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