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Drilling & Fastening technology with a big Plus!

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A solution for every drilling and fastening job

B+BTec designs and manufactures diamond core drilling equipment, diamond tools and structural anchoring systems for the construction and manufacturing industries.

B+BTec is specialized in:
- Core drilling units
- Diamond core bits
- Modules (custom drilling systems)
- Accessories
- Glass Capsule Anchors
- Injection adhesives
- Steel anchors
- Anchor design software
- Railway Construction
- Cutting concrete
- Hammer drills

Next Generation Hybrid Adhesives

BIS-HY GEN2 is the latest Generation of Hybrid Injection Mortars. ETA option 1 approved, fast curing, styrene free, for EXTREME LOADS. Suitable for Threaded Rods, Rebar and Anchor Sleeves in both Cracked and Non-cracked Concrete.

Read all the benefits of the BIS-HY GEN2 here!

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