Premium Tile Bits

Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits
  • Premium Tile Bits

Diamond3® Premium Diamond Tile Bits For Ceramic & Porcelain Tile, Glass, Natural Stone & Sanitary Ware

  • Bit Life 300+ Holes
  • Accurate Chip Free cutting of the Hardest Tile & Stone
  • Silica Dust Free
  • For Wet Use on FB750W and UDK68 Tile Drilling Systems
  • Unparalleled Drilling Speed
  • Diamond Height: 10 mm

Phenomenal Improvement in Drilling Performance

Diamond3® PREMIUM QUALITY Diamond Tile Bits offer the latest in Diamond Bit Technology and are unparalleled in Drilling Speed & Quality. Futhermore they offer an amazing Bit Life of at least 300 holes per bit and often even more.

The Diamond3® Line of Core Bits covers all common diameters from 4 mm up to 68 mm.

These Premium Quality Diamond Core Bits are an integral part of the Diamond3® Tile Drills.

We recommend you use Diamond3® Diamond Bits for their Reliability and Excellent Cutting Performance.

Premium Diamond Tile Bit Range


DescriptionDiameterEANPart Nr.
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium48714345139906402.004
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium58714345139913402.005
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium68714345139395402.006
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium88714345139401402.008
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium108714345139418402.010
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium128714345139920402.012
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium138714345139425402.013
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium148714345139937402.014
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium168714345139432402.016
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium188714345139944402.018
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium208714345139449402.020
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium248714345139951402.024
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium268714345139968402.026
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium288714345139975402.028
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium328714345139982402.032
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium358714345139456402.035
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium408714345139463402.040
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium458714345139999402.045
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium518714345139470402.051
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium608714345140001402.060
Diamond3® Tile Bit Premium688714345139487402.068

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Premium Tile Bits at B+BTec

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