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Swiss Lock
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The Swiss Lock (SR) is a Wedge Free Steel Anchor for the most Critical Applications in Cracked and Non-Cracked Concrete.


  • Removable for Inspection
  • Relocatable
  • Highest Level of Reliability & Predictability
  • Load Caracteristics Identical to Cast-in-Place Anchors

Swiss Lock Steel 8.8 Zinc Plated

Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.800.112SR M1287143451546401
3.800.116SR M1687143451546571
3.800.120SR M2087143451546641
3.800.124SR M2487143451546711
3.800.130SR M3087143451546881


Swiss Lock Stainless Steel A4-80

Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.800.316SR M1687143451547561
3.800.320SR M2087143451547631
3.800.324SR M2487143451547701
3.800.330SR M3087143451547871


Swiss Lock Stainless Steel HCR 1.4529

Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.800.412SR M1287143451547941
3.800.416SR M1687143451548001
3.800.420SR M2087143451548171
3.800.424SR M2487143451548241
3.800.430SR M3087143451548311

Swiss Lock Drilling Equipment

For special applications such as Tunnel Construction, B+BTEC can
design and manufacture Special Multi Spindle Drilling Equipment.

Depending on the size of the Construction Job the Contractor
can either Rent or Purchase the Equipment.

See also our Karat® Specials page on Swiss Lock Drilling Equipment


B+BTec’s Services

We are a production company with multiple locations throughout the Netherlands. Specialized in design, production and assembly of high-tech machines and equipment for the construction, automation and technology sector. Because of our in-house R&D and product development, we can offer you a tailor-made solution.

Swiss Lock at B+BTec

Are you interested in one of our products or would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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