SMD-C Through Bolt Anchor

SMD-C Through Bolt Anchor
  • SMD-C Through Bolt Anchor
  • SMD-C Through Bolt Anchor

For application in less critical fixings, such as the mounting of fences and small lightweight steel constructions.

M.. x ld0heftfixkN**
M 8 x 80840302,6
M 8 x 120840702,6
M10 x 801050204,0
M10 x 901050304,0
M12 x 951260205,6
M12 x 1201260405,6
M16 x 1101680159,4
M16 x 1451680309,4
M20 x 160201004013,6

** Permissible Load for uncracked concrete >C25. Loads for one anchor including safety factor γG = 1.4

SMD 5.8 White zinc plated

Steel 5.8 white zinc plated with TNO Rapport.
Dimensions Art.-Nr.DescriptionEANQty./Box
M83.550.808SMD M 8 x 80871434505849850
3.550.812SMD M 8 x 120871434505850450
M103.551.008SMD M10 x 80871434505840550
3.551.009SMD M10 x 90871434505841250
M123.551.209SMD M12 x 95871434505842920
3.551.212SMD M12 x 120871434505843620
M163.551.611SMD M16 x 110871434505845020
3.551.614SMD M16 x 145871434505846720
M203.552.016SMD M20 x 160871434505847410


SMD 5.8 Hot dip galvanized

Steel 5.8 hot dip galvanized with TNO Rapport.

Dimensions Art.-Nr.DescriptionEANQty./Box
M103.561.009SMD M10 x 90871434505861050
M123.561.209SMD M12 x 95871434505862720
M163.561.611SMD M16 x 110871434505863420
3.561.614SMD M16 x 145871434505864120


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SMD-C Trough Bolt Anchor at B+BTec

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