SMD-CC Through Bolt Anchor

SMD-CC Through Bolt Anchor
  • SMD-CC Through Bolt Anchor
  • SMD-CC Through Bolt Anchor

Seismic C1/C2 + High Loads

SMD-CC is a Through Bolt Anchor with ETA Assessment, Option 1 for Cracked and Non-Cracked Concrete.
Zinc Plated or Sherardized


  • High Load Bearing Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Expansion Clip
  • Seismic C1/C2 Rating
  • F120 Fire Rating
  • B+BTec DesignFix® Support

SMD-CC Zinc Plated

Size Part Nr.Description Length [mm]EANQty./Box
M83.508.001SMD-CC M  8508714345169521100
3.508.002SMD-CC M  8608714345169538100
3.508.003SMD-CC M  8758714345169545100
3.508.004SMD-CC M  8958714345169552100
3.508.005SMD-CC M  81158714345169569100
M103.510.001SMD-CC M10708714345169576100
3.510.002SMD-CC M10908714345169583100
3.510.003SMD-CC M10105871434516959050
3.510.004SMD-CC M10115871434516960650
3.510.005SMD-CC M10135871434516961350
3.510.006SMD-CC M10165871434516962050
3.510.007SMD-CC M10185871434516963750
M123.512.001SMD-CC M1280871434516964450
3.512.002SMD-CC M12100871434518701350
3.512.003SMD-CC M12110871434516965150
3.512.004SMD-CC M12120871434518702050
3.512.005SMD-CC M12130871434516966850
3.512.006SMD-CC M12150871434516967550
3.512.007SMD-CC M12180871434516968250
3.512.008SMD-CC M12200871434516969950
M163.516.001SMD-CC M16125871434516970525
3.516.002SMD-CC M16145871434516971225
3.516.003SMD-CC M16175871434516972925
3.516.004SMD-CC M16220871434516973625
3.516.005SMD-CC M16250871434518703725
M203.520.001SMD-CC M20170871434516974320
3.520.002SMD-CC M20200871434516975020


SMD-CC Sherardized

Size Part Nr.Description Length [mm]EANQty./Box
M63.606.001SMD-CC M6608714345188676200
3.606.002SMD-CC M6708714345188683200
3.606.003SMD-CC M61008714345188690200
M83.608.001SMD-CC M8508714345188706100
3.608.002SMD-CC M8608714345188713100
3.608.003SMD-CC M8758714345188720100
3.608.004SMD-CC M8958714345188737100
3.608.005SMD-CC M81158714345188744100
M103.610.001SMD-CC M10708714345188751100
3.610.002SMD-CC M10908714345188768100
3.610.003SMD-CC M10105871434518877550
3.610.004SMD-CC M10115871434518878250
3.610.005SMD-CC M10135871434518879950
3.610.006SMD-CC M10165871434518880550
3.610.007SMD-CC M10185871434518881250
M123.612.001SMD-CC M1280871434518882950
3.612.002SMD-CC M12110871434518883650
3.612.003SMD-CC M12130871434518884350
3.612.004SMD-CC M12150871434518885050
3.612.005SMD-CC M12180871434518886750
3.612.006SMD-CC M12200871434518887450
M163.616.001SMD-CC M16125871434518888125
3.616.002SMD-CC M16145871434518889825
3.616.003SMD-CC M16175871434518890425
3.616.004SMD-CC M16220871434518891125
M203.620.001SMD-CC M20170871434518892820
3.620.002SMD-CC M20200871434518893520

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SMD-CC Through Bolt Anchor at B+BTec

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