SD Drop-in Anchor

SD Drop-in Anchor
  • SD Drop-in Anchor
  • SD Drop-in Anchor
  • SD Drop-in Anchor
  • SD Drop-in Anchor

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Dit ankertype wordt voornamelijk gebruikt voor de bevestiging van Diamant betonboormachines, die tijdelijk aan de vloer of wand bevestigd moeten worden.

M 5108251,4
M 6138303,3
M 81310302,8

*L = Length Threading. **Permissable Load for non-cracked concrete >C25. Loads for one anchor incl. safety factor γG = 1,4

SD 5.8 White Zinc Plated

Steel 5.8 White Zinc Plated with ETA assessment
3.400.005SD M5 100
3.400.006SD M68714345057569100
3.400.008SD M88714345057576100
3.400.010SD M10871434505758350
3.400.012SD M12871434505759050
3.400.016SD M16871434505760625
3.400.020SD M20871434505761325


SD Stainless Steel A4-70

Stainless Steel A4-70 with ETA Assessment.

3.410.008SD M88714345057699100
3.410.010SD M10871434505770550
3.410.012SD M12871434505771250
3.410.016SD M16871434505772925


SD-C 5.8 White ZInc Plated

Steel 5.8 White Zic Plated without ETA Assessment. Min. Quantity: 500 St.

3.420.012SD-C M128714345057743500
3.421.216SD-C M12-168714345195766500
3.420.016SD-C M168714345057750500


HSD Inslagdoorn

Te gebruiken met Hamer

3.400.105HSD 5 1
3.400.106HSD 687143450576371
3.400.108HSD 887143450576441
3.400.110HSD 1087143450576511
3.400.112HSD 1287143450576681
3.400.113HSD 12 met bescherming 1
3.400.116HSD 1687143450576751
3.400.120HSD 2087143450576821
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