CS Concrete Screw

CS Concrete Screw
  • CS Concrete Screw
  • CS Concrete Screw

Instant Loading + Stress Free

CS Concrete Screw is a High Tensile, Screw-in, Self-Tapping Anchor with ETA Assessment, Option 1 for Cracked and Non-Cracked Concrete


  • Removable
  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Instant Loading
  • Virtually Stress Free
  • Resistant to Dynamic and Cyclic Loading
  • Seismic Rating C1
  • Suitable for close-to-edge Fastenings
  • F120 Fire Rating
  • B+BTec DesignFix® Support

CS Zinc Flake Coated

Size Part Nr.Description SWEANQty./Box
CS53.540.540CS   5 x   40SW108714345186610100
3.540.550CS   5 x   50SW108714345186627100
3.540.560CS   5 x   60SW108714345186634100
CS63.540.640CS   6 x   40 SW138714345186641100
3.540.650CS   6 x   50SW138714345186658100
3.540.660CS   6 x   60SW138714345186665100
3.540.680CS   6 x   80SW138714345186672100
3.540.610CS   6 x 100SW138714345186689100
CS83.540.850CS   8 x   50SW13871434518669650
3.540.860CS   8 x   60SW13871434518670250
3.540.870CS   8 x   70SW13871434518671950
3.540.880CS   8 x   80SW13871434518672650
3.540.890CS   8 x   90SW13871434518673350
3.540.810CS   8 x 100SW13871434518674050
3.540.812CS   8 x 120SW13871434518675750
3.540.814CS   8 x 140SW13871434518676450
CS103.541.060CS 10 x   60SW15871434518677150
3.541.070CS 10 x   70SW15871434518678850
3.541.080CS 10 x   80SW15871434518679550
3.541.090CS 10 x   90SW15871434518680150
3.541.010CS 10 x 100SW15871434518681850
3.541.012CS 10 x 120SW15871434518682550
3.541.014CS 10 x 140SW15871434518683250
3.541.015CS 10 x 150SW15871434518684950
3.541.016CS 10 x 160SW15871434518685650
CS123.541.280CS 12 x   80SW17871434518686325
3.541.211CS 12 x 110SW17871434518687025
3.541.213CS 12 x 130SW17871434518688725
3.541.215CS 12 x 150SW17871434518689425
CS143.541.480CS 14 x   80SW21871434518690025
3.541.411CS 14 x 110SW21871434518691725
3.541.413CS 14 x 130SW21871434518692425
3.541.415CS 14 x 150SW21871434518693125


CS Stainless Steel A4-70

Size Part Nr.Description SWEANQty./Box
CS63.590.650CS   6 x   50SW138714345186948100
3.590.660CS   6 x   60SW138714345186955100
CS83.590.870CS   8 x   70SW13871434518696250
3.590.880CS   8 x   80SW13871434518697950
CS103.591.090CS 10 x   90SW15871434518698650
3.591.010CS 10 x 100SW15871434518699350
3.591.012CS 10 x 120SW15871434518700650


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CS Concrete Screw at B+BTec

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