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  • VD-I
  • VD-I

Flush Install + Removable

Spin Type, Vinylester based, glass capsule anchor with Internal Threading for Flush Mount Anchoring


  • High Load Bearing Capacity
  • F120 Fire Rating
  • VOC Rating: A
  • Zero Chemical or Plastic Wastage

VDP-EA Glass Capsules

Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.900.112VDP-EA M12871434541112510
3.900.116VDP-EA M16871434541116310
3.900.137VDP-EA M20*87143450032076
3.900.124VDP-EA M2487143454112486
3.900.127VDP-EA M2787143450031846
3.900.130VDP-EA M3087143454113096


VD-I Internally Threaded Sockets


5.8 White Zinc Plated

VD-I Internally Threaded Sockets. Excl. Bolt & Washer.

Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.870.008VD-I   887143450011421
3.870.010VD-I 1087143450011661
3.870.012VD-I 1287143450011731
3.870.016VD-I 1687143450011971
3.870.020VD-I 2087143450012031
3.870.024VD-I 2487143450012101
3.870.027VD-I 2787143450103421
3.870.030VD-I 3087143450635221


Stainless Steel A4-70

VD-I Internally Threaded Sockets. Excl. Bolt & Washer.

Part Nr.DescriptionEANQty/Box
3.871.008VD-I   887143450012271
3.871.010VD-I 1087143450012341
3.871.012VD-I 1287143450012411
3.871.016VD-I 1687143450012651
3.871.020VD-I 2087143450635391
3.871.024VD-I 2487143450103971
3.871.027VD-I 2787143450104031
3.871.030VD-I 3087143450104101

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VD-I at B+BTec

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