Typhoon SDS-Plus

Typhoon SDS-Plus
  • Typhoon SDS-Plus
  • Typhoon SDS-Plus
  • Typhoon SDS-Plus
  • Typhoon SDS-Plus

SDS-Plus Hammer drilling system for dry use with integrated dust extraction.

Recommended rotary hammers:
Bit diameters ≤Ø10 mm: max. 3,2J
Bit diameters >Ø10 mm: max. 4,2J

Part Nr.DescriptionUseful LengthEANQty.
1.790.8278 x 27015087143452308251
1.791.02710 x 27015087143452308321
1.791.23212 x 32020087143452308491
1.791.43714 x 37025087143452308561
1.791.63716 x 37025087143452308631
1.791.83718 x 37025087143452308701
1.792.03720 x 37025087143452308871
1.792.43724 x 37025087143452308941


Typhoon SDS-Plus Hammer Drilling System for dry use


  • Silica Dust Free Drilling
  • Removes 98% of drilling dust where it originates at the drill tip for faster drilling, cleaner air and less wear of the bit.
  • Up to 70% time saving on setting chemical anchors as there is no need to clean the drilled hole
  • Clean work area
  • Ideal for interior applications
  • Available for SDS-Plus or SDS-Max


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Typhoon SDS-Plus at B+BTec

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