Professional Manual Tile Cutter for
large format tiles up to 155 cm
  • New Smart Cutting & Breaking System
  • Only one-time setting of the breaker depending on tile
    thickness (choice of position 1 or 2)
  • Robust design for longer life
  • Renewed breaking ridge for precise cuts
  • Unique cutting and breaking mechanism for fast and
    accurate cutting and breaking of ceramic tiles
  • Wide breaking foot for 2250 kg Breaking Power
  • Fold-out wide stop for more stability
  • Fold-out tile supports for optimal support
  • Integrated roller system for support and easy
    positioning of the tile
  • Wheels and handle for easy transportation

Diamond3® Spider Ultra 155
Part Nr. 011.155
EAN: 8714345210520

  What's in the Box
  • Spider Ultra 155 Manual Tile Cutter
  • Titanium Scoring Wheel Ø10 mm
  • Tile Stop & Ruler
  • Integrated Tile Supports
  • Roller System
  • Protective Cover
  • Operating Manual


Cutting Length max. [cm]   155
Cutting Length diagonal [cm]   Tile max. 110 x 110
Cutting Height Pos. I [mm]   3 - 15
Cutting Height Pos. II [mm]   16 - 21
Breaking Power [kg]   2250
Dimensions [cm]   195 x 33,5 x 20
Weight [kg]   32,5


  NEW! A smart and fast breaking system

The Diamond3® SPIDER ULTRA manual tile cutters have a renewed, smart and fast breaking system. You can easily cut and break tiles up to 21 mm in just a few movements. You effortlessly switch between the two positions for tiles of different thickness; or you stay in the chosen position when cutting tiles with the same thickness.

Height Adjustment Breaker

Scoring & Breaking

Scoring Wheels for Spider Ultra 155    
Premium Ø6 mm

Premium Quality Scoring Wheel Ø6 mm
Qty.: 10

Scoring Wheel Premium 6 mm
Part Nr.: 010.006
EAN: 8714345139173


Premium Ø10 mm

Premium Quality Scoring Wheel Ø10 mm
Qty.: 10

Scoring Wheel Premium 10 mm
Part Nr.: 010.010
EAN: 8714345139180


Premium Ø18 mm

Premium Quality Scoring Wheel Ø18 mm
Qty.: 10

Scoring Wheel Premium 18 mm
Part Nr.: 010.018
EAN: 8714345139197


  Titanium Ø10 mm

Extra hard Scoring Wheels with Titanium
Coating Ø10 mm. Qty.: 10

Scoring Wheel Titanium 10 mm
Part Nr.: 010.210
EAN: 8714345139203


Titanium Ø18 mm

Extra hard Scoring Wheels with Titanium
Coating Ø18 mm. Qty.: 10

Scoring Wheel Titanium 18 mm
Part Nr.: 010.218
EAN: 8714345139210



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