New Turbo Stainless Steel Diamond Brick & Block Saws

The New Range of Turbo Stainless Steel Diamond Brick & Block Saws are specially designed for very Fast & Precise Cutting of Concrete, Calcium Silicate & Porotherm. Key Features: Durability, Low Maintenance, Low Noise, High Cutting Speed & Precision, Less Waste and ultimately More Square Meters per Day

Specialty Diamond Cutting Blades

B+BTec Diamond Blades are manufactured using only top quality diamond crystals and a unique new sintering technology we call SinTec. In addition, the B+BTec R&D Division has developed a wide range of Bonds (the metal in which the diamond crystals are sintered) that are engineered for optimal cutting performance and blade life in Concrete, Brick, Masonry and Porotherm Brick & Blocks.

For Concrete, Calcium Silicate & Porotherm Bricks & Blocks

The Turbo Wet Saws & Diamond Blades are specially designed for today's construction materials that, due to their configuration or size, are difficult or impossible to cut using traditional methods.

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