Cylinder Selection

Select the correct combination of pump and cylinder using the testload and centre hole diameter of cylinder.

Description: HP12 TC12    
Part Nr.: 3.900.006 3.900.009    
EAN: 8714345169408 8714345169422    
Cylinder Capacity:   121kN    
Center Hole Diameter:   21 mm    
Description: HP20/60 TC20 TC30 TC60
Part Nr.: 3.900.007 3.900.011 3.900.013 3.900.015
EAN: 8714345169415 8714345169439 8714345169446 8714345169453
Cylinder Capacity:   215kN 326kN 576kN
Center Hole Diameter:   Ø26,9 mm Ø33,3 mm Ø53,8 mm

Base Plate

Select Base Plate. Center Hole Diameter should be between 1,5 and 2 x the Anchor Hole Diameter.

Base Plate BP18 BP27 BP36 BP48 BP60
Part Nr.: 3.900.017 3.900.018 3.900.019 3.900.021 3.900.023
EAN: 8714345169460 8714345169477 8714345169484 8714345169491 8714345169507
Diameter: Ø300 mm Ø300 mm Ø300 mm Ø300 mm Ø300 mm
Center Hole Diameter: Ø18 mm Ø27 mm Ø36 mm Ø48 mm Ø60 mm



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