Electronic Motor Protection

Electronic Motor Protection System physically alerts the operator of an approaching motor overload by varying the rpm rate up to 6 times before shut down. The introduction of the Pulse System has resulted in increased machine & bit life and allows the operator to achieve optimal drilling speed at all times.

Motor Overload Protection

7 bright LED's visually aid the operator at maintaining optimal bit feed pressure thus preventing motor overload and increasing drilling performance.

3-Speed Gearing

All our Karat® core drills are equipped with powerful drill motors and a 3-speed gear box for optimal drilling performance regardless of the bit diameter, concrete quality or amount of reinforcement.

Modular Design

The modular system design of the new Karat® core drilling machines gives the customer the freedom to configure his own drilling rig. Also it allows for the easy exchange of drill motors, stands and accessories on the job-site.

Data Retrieval Sofware

Karat® Drill Motors have an integrated data storage capability. Machine data such as operating hours and motor loading are saved. This data can easily be retrieved with the optional Karat® data software using a hi-speed USB connection (included in the software package).

Diamond Technology

B+BTec uses an advanced sintering technology for the manufacturing of the new HiSpeed diamond core bits. Together with the exclusive use of top quality diamond crystals this has resulted in unparalleled drilling speed and bit life in high strength and heavily reinforced concrete.


New HiSpeed Coring Systems

B+BTec introduces a complete new line of HiSpeed core drilling systems designed for handheld, rig mounted, wet and dry use. The versatility of these Karat® driling systems is complimented by a modular system design, HiSpeed diamond bits and a wide range of universal accessories to further optimize their use.

Quality Engineering

The new Karat® diamond core drilling rigs come with countless quality features to improve drilling performance, machine life & operator comfort. Features include a LED motor load monitoring system, a usb data retrieval option for operating hours and motor loading, protective brackets around the motor housing that double as handles, wheels for easy transportation. The list goes on and on...

Designed for High Strength Concrete

The Karat® core drilling systems offer a fantastic drilling performance but the true nature of these rigs is unleashed when drilling in high strength and heavily reinforced concrete. With drilling speeds more than doubling and often even tripling the Karat® systems are unparalleled on the market today

Thin Kerf Diamond Bit Design

The Karat® Design has been made possible by a new technology in diamond bit design. The new HiSpeed bits, with a kerf thickness half that of most bits, require far less bit feed pressure, which allows for faster penetration. This lower feed pressure also permits down sizing the motor, column and base to achieve small lightweight rigs. Lightweight means faster setups, which ultimately translates into more holes per day!

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