Input Freedom & 3D User Interface

B+BTEC DesignFiX® offers complete freedom to select an anchor pattern and base plate configuration, as well as the position and direction of load combinations. Changes are made directly into the 3D user interface.

Anchor Type Comparison

B+BTEC DesignFiX® displays the usability of the various anchor types (according to ETAG-001, Annex A, TR029), including the values for each load type. This allows you to compare the calculation results of the different anchor types in a single easy to read panel.

Calculation Effective Anchorage Depth

When selecting an Injection Mortar B+BTEC DesignFiX® allows for the automatic calculation of the most effective anchorage depth, taking in consideration the minimal and maximum values of the ETA.

Calculation Base Plate Thickness

The integrated FEM-Calculation Method (Finite Element Method) in B+BTEC DesignFiX® allows you to calculate the base plate thickness based upon the stresses in the base plate in combination with the base plate configuration.

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